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Re: Font problems running remotely

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  • Subject: [mg20386] Re: Font problems running remotely
  • From: Jinfeng Liu <jinfeng at>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 02:40:31 -0400
  • Organization: Columbia University
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You need to download the mathematica fonts for xwin32 from xwin32
website, and install them. By default, xwin32 don't have these specific

Last time I had some problems using mathematica remotely with Linux box.
Sorry I didn't put up a summary after I got some help from this

The bottom line is: If you are using mathematica remotely, i.e. you open
an X connection with the machine running mathematica, since the X server
is your local machine (the PC in your case), you have to have
mathematica fonts properly installed on this server. Remember the
machine running mathematica is only an X client in this case.

Hope this help.

"William F. Campbell" wrote:
> I'm having a problem with remotely using Mathematica at school. I am
> running Win95 on my PC at home, and using Micro XWindows XWin32.exe
> XWindows emulator.  Mathematica is installed at school (DEC Alphas, under
> Digital Unix). When I use the workstations at school, Mathematica works fine.
> Back when they had Mathematica 2.2, I could use Mathematica from home with Micro
> XWindows,
> no problems. Now that they have version 3 at school, I'm having a
> fonts problem. The error message I get is:
> xset: bad font path element (#35), possible causes are:
>  Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
>  Directory missing fonts.dir
>  Incorrect font server address or syntax
> Mathematica comes up, but has substituted Courier for Math1. Is this a problem
> with my home system (on which the fonts do exist, as I have Mathematica 3 for
> students), Micro XWindows, or the UNIX install at school? The
> sys-admin has been less than helpful.&nbsp; Any help would be
> appreciated.
> BTW, in my .cshrc file, the following entry exists:
> set MANPATH=/local/man:/usr/share/local/man:/usr/share/man
>  set path = ( $HOME/bin $HOME/com /usr/ucb /usr/bin /bin /usr/etc /etc
> \
>  . /usr/bin/X11 /usr/sbin /usr/local/bin /local/bin /usr/dt/bin \
>  /usr/local/src/math /usr/local/src/math/Bin
> /usr/local/src/math/Install )
> and
>  xset fp+ /misc/local/mathematica/SystemFiles/Fonts/Type1
> The /misc/local/mathematica.../Type1 directory exists (on the UNIX
> box), and has the fonts.dir
> file as well as a bunch of other stuff in it. The error messages cited
> above are printed when I source .cshrc, as well as when I attempt to
> run Mathematica. This command supposedly tells the xserver to append the above
> path to the font path (here is the man excerpt)
> +fp or fp+
>  The +fp and fp+ options prepend and append elements to the current
> font
>  path, respectively. They must be followed by a comma-separated list
> of entries.
> The entire font path must be valid; if any element is invalid, the
> path is rejected.
> The /usr/local/src directory exists, but there is no math directory
> there.
> I tried eliminating the directories that don't exist from the path,
> using +fp instead of fp+, and copying all of the contents of
> /misc/local/mathematica/SystemFiles/Fonts/Type1
> to a new directory called Type1 in my home directory, with all the
> permissions
> set, and fonts.dir existing, and I still go the same error when I
> tried
> to xset +fp Type1 (repeated below for convenience).
> xset: bad font path element (#35), possible causes are:
> Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
> Directory missing fonts.dir
> Incorrect font server address or syntax
> When I type xset q, I am informed that the font path is
> Font Path:
>   c:/inet20/xwin32/lib/fonts/misc,c:/inet20/xwin32/lib/fonts/75dpi
> This leads me to believe that the fonts must exist on the Windows box,
> and that I need to tell XWin32 where they are.  So I put them in the
> c:/inet20/xwin32/lib/fonts/ directory.  But they don't end in .fon,
> like the other fonts, or .bdf or .pcf, which the XWin32 documentation
> seems to want.  They end in .pfa (same as on the UNIX box), or .ttf
> (True Type fonts), and I get an error when I try to add them to the
> fontpath and run XWin32 ("Failed to add to font path, or some such")
> Sorry this is so long, but it's very frustrating.  Any help would be
> greatly appreciated
> Bill Campbell

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