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Nonlinear Differential Equation

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  • Subject: [mg26134] Nonlinear Differential Equation
  • From: "Hu Zhe" <huzhe at>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 01:56:30 -0500 (EST)
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I am reading P. J. McKenna's "Large Torsional Oscillations in Suspension 
Bridges Revisited: Fixing an Old Approximation" on AMM Januar, 1999.
There is a differential equation in his article ( I rewrite it in 
Mathematica style):
y''[t]==a y'[t]+b Sin[y[t]]Cos[y[t]]+c Sin[d t]
here a, b, c, d are know constants, so are y[0] and y'[0].
I tried Mathematica's NDSolve to relive Professor McKenna's calculation 
NDSolve[{y''[t]==-0.01 y'[t]-2.4Cos[y[t]]Sin[y[t]]+0.06Sin[1.2t], 
y[0]==1.2, y'[0]==0}, y, {t, 0, 500}, MaxSteps->5000]

But Mathematica's results seem to be different with Professor McKenna's. 
I don't know which one to believe.
Can anyone give me some advice?
Thanks in Advance

Hu Zhe

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