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Re: MathML

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  • From: Dale Horton <daleh at>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 03:10:48 -0400 (EDT)
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At 03:18 AM 6/12/2001, Stephen P Luttrell wrote:
>I am using Mathematica 4.1 for Windows, and I am trying to get some useful
>reults from File | Save As Special | HTML + MathML. The information on
> is tantalising, so I have
>tried using the W3C's Amaya browser (from, but get
>poor results for displaying any mathematics that was in the original
>Mathematica notebook (Amaya parsing errors, etc).
>Presumably there *is* a way of making use of the output from File | Save As
>Special | HTML + MathML. If so, what is it?
>Stephen P Luttrell
>DERA Malvern, U.K.

There are very few browsers with native support for MathML. Amaya and 
Mozilla, but they both have their problems. To view MathML in IE or 
Netscape, you can use an applet or plug-in. You can modify the output to 
call the applet or plug-in using the "MathMLWrapper" ConversionOption. Here 
are a couple of examples:

Math Viewer (

     Cell[BoxData@SuperscriptBox["2", "2"], "Input"],
     ConversionOptions -> {"MathOutput" -> "MathML",
         "MathMLWrapper" -> (StringJoin[
                 "<applet codebase=\"/webmath/classes\" 
code=\"webeq.Main\">", "\n",
                 "<param name=\"eq\" value=\"<math>", #, "</math>\">", "\n",
                 "<param name=\"color\" value=\"#ffffff\">", "\n",
                 "<param name=\"parser\" value=\"mathml\">", "\n",
                 "</applet>"] &)}];

techexplorer Hypermedia Browser 

     Cell[BoxData@SuperscriptBox["2", "2"], "Input"],
     ConversionOptions -> {"MathOutput" -> "MathML",
         "MathMLWrapper" -> (StringJoin["<embed type=\"text/mathml\" 
","width=\"25\" ",
              "height=\"25\" ","mmldata=\"<math>", #, "</math>\">" &)}];

Note, you may need to tweak the height and width values.


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