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Re: Re: Errors im Mathematica??

I do not want to discuss, if this is an error or not.
But I nowhere read something about this fact.
I think, it is not good, that different rules apply to statements in
different parts of the program, if it is not absolutely necessary.
I think, the body of the function is read into a string and thereby the
newlines are omitted. I think the newlines should not be omitted or they
should be replaced by ";" by the Mathematica software.
Hermann Schmitt.
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From: "Maryvonne Teissier" <my.teissier at>
To: mathgroup at
Subject: [mg29456] [mg29429] Re: [mg29407] Errors im Mathematica??

> Hi,
> Some opinion about your first "error in Mathematica".
> I do not consider that requiring the sign of ponctuation " ; "
> in a composite command is an error.
> You have this sort of necessity in a lot of languages.
> In my teaching, I force my students to NOT use the facility
> of multiple printing by a multiple order  , I mean by this term
> a composite order without the separator " ; ",
> because
> 1) this will be not allowed in Module,
> 2) this will be not allowed in a direct use of the Kernel ,
> 3) this will induce less attention to separate cells
> in reception of Mathematica  e-mails,
> 4) that is source of execution errors as you express it .
> I appreciate a lot the permissivity of Mathematica , and for example
> write 2x  instead of 2*x or 2 x and i know this can induce error
> when you write " ax " thinking to " a x ".
> If,  in  this case I prefer freedom
> I dont hesitate to limit  the liberty
> in this special case of lake of punctuation.
> But I would appreciate the opinion of others users
> about these " lazy composite orders "
> Sincerly, Maryvonne Teissier
> Hermann Schmitt a *crit :
> > I worked with Mathematica very intensively, lately, and encountered
> > several - partly strange - problems:
> > 1) In functions Mathematica somtetimes tries to multiply statements with
> > each other, which follow one after the other in different lines. This
> > seems especially the case with Print statements. The problem disappears,
> > if I put ";" behind the statements. I think, this is a consequence of
> > the fact, that the multiplication sign may be omitted.
> > 2) Error messages have no newline behind them, therefore the following
> > output of the program is appended to the end of the error message on the
> > same line.
> > 3) Using the "ToExpression" statement I often get the error message,
> > that the argument is not a string, although it is a string.
> > Mathematica seems to replace parts the argument by similar statements in
> > the program, before it makes the source to a part of the program. In one
> > case, I tried to remove the statement in the program and got the error
> > message:
> > The text replaced was not a string.
> > Hermann Schmitt

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