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RE: Plotting from a file

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  • Subject: [mg33122] RE: [mg33108] Plotting from a file
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  • Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 06:03:57 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Sune,

In this case, a small excerpt from the file you're trying to read would be
very helpful ....

Attempting to simulate your problem below, shows no problem with under 4.01

test = Table[Random[Real, {-1, 1}], {343}];
test = Partition[test, 7] / 100000.;
Export["test01.dat", test];
testi = Import["test01.dat", "Table"];
testi == test

> Also, later when it works I need to plot the columns, something like
> Plot[data(2,*)]
> you know, plot the second column.
> The code doesn't work, mathematica doesn't take arrays like 
> that, not sure why.

Both the syntax and the command are incorrect ...

For the example above, 

In[31]:= Dimensions[test]

Out[31]= {49,7}

So ...
In[32]:= Dimensions[#]& /@ {test[[2]], Flatten[ColumnTake[test, {2}]]}

Out[32]= {{7},{49}}

So to plot the second column, try

sndcol = Flatten[ColumnTake[test, {2}]];
(* or Transpose[test][[2]] *)

Or the second row ....

sndrow = test[[2]];

For your other problems, I can only suggest a closer inspection of the


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