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Re: typesetting problems or bugs? need a professional stylesheet

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  • Subject: [mg115050] Re: typesetting problems or bugs? need a professional stylesheet
  • From: John Fultz <jfultz at>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 05:59:14 -0500 (EST)

The italics setting comes from the Option Inspector option SingleLetterItalics. 
As implied by the name, it only works for single-letter variables.  There's
another option called MultiLetterItalics which is False by default, but which
you can set to True.

I don't recommend doing this globally, as this would affect Mathematica input as
well as TraditionalForm.  You can have it affect TraditionalForm in a given
notebook by doing Format->Edit Stylesheet... and pasting and interpreting the
following cell expression in:



John Fultz
jfultz at
User Interface Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

On Tue, 28 Dec 2010 06:50:00 -0500 (EST), sean k wrote:
> Hello Group.
> I'm having multiple problems while trying to typeset a few notes and
> other documents. Main thing has seem to be the Mathematica's tendency
> to change italics to non-italics automatically under certain
> circumstances.
> I am using "textbook stylesheet."  If I use the default stylesheet,
> the line spacing is screwed up. So far it seems like textbook
> stylesheet gives me what I need.
> I'm also using ctrl9 and ctrl 0 to open and close any formula portion
> of the text.  That seems to make the formulas look nice and
> mathematical. ie. italicized.
> But I'm encountering a few problems that I just can't get around. So
> first use the textbook stylesheet under menu>format>stylesheet>book>
> textbook.  Then these formulas are entered in a text cell by first
> typing ctrl9 to open the invisible formula box. Then when done
> inputting, ctrl0 will end close the box.
> I'm running windows vista home edition 64 bit and Mathematica v8. I
> also have v7 installled. The problem seems to the same in both
> versions.
> 1. Typing \[CapitalDelta]y \[TildeTilde] f'(x)\[CapitalDelta] x .
> If I remove that space between \[CapitalDelta] x to \[CapitalDelta]x,
> it will change the italics to non-italics.
> 2. d/(d x) vs d/dx
> First ctrl9 then crtl/  to make the fraction. And if I put in d/d x
> into the fraction box, it will retain the italics.  but if I put in  d/
> dx, the italics go away.
> So the space makes the italics go away in both cases.
> 3. Lastly, I would really like to get a hands on a stylesheet that
> most mathematicians would use to, say, write a professional manuscript
> or a textbook or maybe even a thesis.  Can anyone help me here?
> Thanks a lot in advance for any info.
> Sean

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