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Re: typesetting problems or bugs? need a professional stylesheet

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  • Subject: [mg115042] Re: typesetting problems or bugs? need a professional stylesheet
  • From: Simon <simonjtyler at>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 05:57:45 -0500 (EST)
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Your problems 1 and 2 are not really problems. Mathematica behaves this way so
that expressions like sin and log are typeset properly (unlike TeX,
Mathematica does not use an escape character for such objects). If you really
want to reduce the space between your \[CapitalDelta] and your x, try
using a \[VeryThinSpace] (<esc> </esc>) or an \[InvisibleSpace]

As for a stylesheet that mathematicians would use to write a
professional manuscript I can't really help you.
If you can't find one out there, then maybe you could try writing your
Read the tips in the documentation center:
Also David Park's tips:
If you have any specific questions/problems post them at this
newsgroup or at
If you do find or write one, maybe you could document it at


On Dec 29, 1:19 am, sean k <seaninso... at> wrote:
> Hello Group.
> I'm having multiple problems while trying to typeset a few notes and
> other documents. Main thing has seem to be the Mathematica's tendency
> to change italics to non-italics automatically under certain
> circumstances.
> I am using "textbook stylesheet."  If I use the default stylesheet,
> the line spacing is screwed up. So far it seems like textbook
> stylesheet gives me what I need.
> I'm also using ctrl9 and ctrl 0 to open and close any formula portion
> of the text.  That seems to make the formulas look nice and
> mathematical. ie. italicized.
> But I'm encountering a few problems that I just can't get around. So
> first use the textbook stylesheet under menu>format>stylesheet>book>
> textbook.  Then these formulas are entered in a text cell by first
> typing ctrl9 to open the invisible formula box. Then when done
> inputting, ctrl0 will end close the box.
> I'm running windows vista home edition 64 bit and Mathematica v8. I
> also have v7 installled. The problem seems to the same in both
> versions.
> 1. Typing \[CapitalDelta]y \[TildeTilde] f'(x)\[CapitalDelta] x .
> If I remove that space between \[CapitalDelta] x to \[CapitalDelta]x,
> it will change the italics to non-italics.
> 2. d/(d x) vs d/dx
> First ctrl9 then crtl/  to make the fraction. And if I put in d/d x
> into the fraction box, it will retain the italics.  but if I put in  =
> dx, the italics go away.
> So the space makes the italics go away in both cases.
> 3. Lastly, I would really like to get a hands on a stylesheet that
> most mathematicians would use to, say, write a professional manuscript
> or a textbook or maybe even a thesis.  Can anyone help me here?
> Thanks a lot in advance for any info.
> Sean

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