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Re: ProgressIndicator inside DynamicModule

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  • Subject: [mg109835] Re: ProgressIndicator inside DynamicModule
  • From: István Zachar <replicatorzed at>
  • Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 20:12:30 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Patrick,

Thanks for the help, but the problem is not solved.
First of all, I did not state the problem is in the ProgressIndicator. I 
rather suggested that DynamicModule is the cause of 'misfunctioning'.
Furthermore, your solution does not solve anything. My toy model 
represented a more complex situation, where I have an iterative function 
(a modified NDSolve, represented here with the Do loop), for which I 
want to check on the progress via a similar construct as StepMonitor. 
Thus you have thrown out the baby with the water by just retaining pr++.
If I rewrite your version to mirror my issue, I end up with something 
like this:

DynamicModule[{pr = 0, range = {0, 100}, sw = False}, Grid@{{
     Button["Push me", sw = Not[sw]; pr = 0;],
     Dynamic@ProgressIndicator[Dynamic@pr, range],
     Dynamic@If[sw, Do[Pause[0.02]; pr = i, {i, range[[1]], 
range[[2]]}]; pr],
     Dynamic@Switch[sw, True, "Calculating...", False, "Finished."]

which AGAIN won't produce the correct behaviour for ProgressIndicator.

Any other idea?

On 2010.05.19. 14:04, Patrick Scheibe wrote:


the problem is *not* the progress indicator but your button!
The button-function does not update dynamically the values.
What about:

DynamicModule[{pr = 0, range = {0, 100}, sw = False}, Grid@{
    {Button["Push me", sw = Not[sw]],
     Dynamic@ProgressIndicator[Dynamic@pr, range],
     Dynamic@If[sw && pr < Last@range, Pause[0.02]; pr++, pr],
      Switch[sw, True, "Calculating...", False, "Finished.", _,
       "Standing by."]}}]


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