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Re: Default font in Mathematica 9

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Absolute right Nasser! Informed choice.

A few months ago I updated the Adobe Flash Player with notices of security
updates etc., and there was some obscure choice such as "Install all files".
Besides updating the Flash Player it also installed Google Chrome (with no
chance to intervene) and made it my default browser. So I had to switch back
to IE and uninstall Google Chrome. Next day I could no longer use email
links. I searched the internet and found that this problem was sometimes
caused by uninstalling Google Chrome but I could get a Microsoft app that
fixed the problem - which it did. When I complained to Adobe they said I had
checked the box and it was a free program so they had the right to do that!

WRI isn't anywhere near that bad, but still users should not have a constant
fight to keep their software working the way they want.

One solution to the style sheet problem is to create a MyNameStyleSheet.nb
by modifying the standard supplied Default style sheet and installing it in
your private location


You can also save style sheets where you want using SaveAs, but not Save.
Then modify the style sheet to what you wish.

Then how do you send the notebook to others and employ your private style
sheet? You could send them your style sheet. Otherwise, you have to embed
the style sheet but WRI does not make this completely easy. They should have
a menu command "Embed style sheet". Instead you have to use the "Edit style
sheet..." command and drill backward.

To embed a style sheet with a notebook using MyNameStyleSheet.nb

1) Use Menu -> Format -> Edit Style Sheet... This brings up a Private Style
Definitions of (the notebook).
2) At the top it will say "Inheriting base definitions for stylesheet
"MyNameStyleSheet.nb"" and have a link to it. It would be nice if there was
a method to directly expand that entry into the style sheet and replace the
cell with the inherited definitions from MyNameStyleSheet.  Instead, you
have to do it by hand.
3) Click the MyNameStyleSheet.nb link. This will open its style sheet.
4) Select all the cells in MyNameStyleSheet.nb and copy with Ctrl+C.
5) Select the single cell in the notebook style sheet and paste. This embeds
the styles directly in the notebook.
6) Close both style sheets, save the notebook and you are done.

Maybe someone knows an easier method. I'm not certain of the method if you
have several cascade private style sheets. 

David Park
djmpark at 

From: Nasser M. Abbasi [mailto:nma at] 

On 12/8/2012 12:28 AM, David Reiss wrote:
>   Default_8.0.nb is what is used when you open a notebook from pre-9 
> versions which had used Default.nb if you choose to retain the earlier 
> styles when responding to the dialog that asks you if you wish to do 
> so.

But even if it asks, it is still wrong to change the default style sheet
this way. I saw this question myself, and I simply answered 'ok', like I
assume everyone would also, because I thought it is simply asking me to use
an updated default style (meaning bug fixes and so forth), not a DIFFERENT

That is the key here. In addition, most users always tend to click on the
'ok' choice when presented with option not clear to them during installation
or when they see it first time. They sort of trust the system.

Asking someone if they want to use the `updated` style as default, before
they even seen what the updated style is and if they would like it, is not
right, given that there is no easy way to go back to the original style
other than having to go rename files on the harddrive with the risk of
deleting something important or breaking something.


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