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Re: Integration of expressions with symbolic limits

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  • Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 19:55:12 -0400 (EDT)
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Of course one can use symbolic limits. For example:

   Integrate[x^2, {x, a^2, b^2}]

For the function you give in your post, just trying to find an 
indefinite integral takes a very long time, or possibly does not reach a 
result at all. (I didn't wait for Mathematica to time out with it.)

However, given your past history of posting here expressions that have 
syntax errors or else have correct syntax but do not express what you 
really intend, I wonder whether the function you're trying to integrate 
is what you actually show.

For example, do you really intend x^3/2 to mean x^(3/2)?

Similarly, should (x-a^2)^1/2 actually be (x-a^2)^(1/2)?

On 7/23/12 3:57 AM, Rahul Chakraborty wrote:
> Dear Sir,
>   I would like to know one thing regarding the above subject, if it is
> possible in Mathematica to have a symbolic result.
>   My code is as below
>   Integrate [a/(2*(x^3/2)*(x-a^2)^1/2),{x,a^2+b^2,a^2+(l-b)^2}]
>   ERROR: Integrate::ilim: Invalid integration variable or limit(s) in
> {0.5,a^2+b^2,a^2+(-b+l)^2}. >>
>   Regards,
>     rc

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