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Modifying plot attributes in a function

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  • Subject: Modifying plot attributes in a function
  • From: mek at (Mark E. Kotanchek)
  • Date: Tue, 23 Mar 93 11:37:34 -0500


I've defined a function which puts labels and such on a plot so I can  
avoid lots of keystrokes. Now I have the problem that I want to  
change some plot attributes inside the function. Thus, for example,  
if I define the function,

MyPlot[a_,b_,c_] := Plot[a+b x + c x^2,{x,-1,1}, Frame->True,  
RotateLabel->True, FrameLabel->{"x","curve"}, PlotLabel->"MyPlot  

I can get a curve via MyPlot[1,1,1]. My question is how I can modify  
the plot so, e.g., I have dashed lines rather than the default solid.  
I haven't been able to decipher the correct approach from my  
references and have tried the various permutations of //, /. etc.  
What I'd like to do is to plot multiple curves via Show and being  
able to set DisplayFunction -> Identity during the generation and  
resetting it for the print.

I know this is simple; but, being simple-minded, I'd appreciate your  

Thanks much,

Mark Kotanchek
Guidance & Control Dept - 363 ASB
Applied Research Lab/Penn State
P.O. Box 30
State College, PA 16804

e-mail:	mek at (NeXTmail)
TEL:	(814)863-0682
FAX:	(814)863-7843

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