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Printing Problem

Fellow Mma Users,

I'm hoping that one of you in great, wide Usenet News land can help me out....

I'm using Mma 2.2.2 for the Mac (System 7.5) and I have found that when I
print selections of my notebook (graphics and output from print statements),
the pages spool as they are supposed to, however, when I return to Mma, the
zoom size for the notebook is <Other>.  When I reset this to <100%>, all of
the graphics are gone -- only empty cells remain and the pictures have been
zapped into electron h*ll!!!  The biggest problem results since no graphics
will be displayed once this has occurred.  The only way to reset the
graphics plotting is to close the notebook and start over.  I am doing
repetative simulations with a code I have written, and I would prefer to
continue the simulations without restarting the notebook.  (Yes, I do need
the print outs!!)


Thanks in advance.

Todd E. Wiest, 1Lt, USAF
Photonics Physicist
25 Electronics Parkway
Griffiss AFB, NY  13441
e-mail:  wiestt at

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