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Re: Vector field plotting on Mathematica ??!

In article <4ojdde$5i8 at>, biggus at (Jeff) wrote:

> Hi,
> I keep seeing these mathematica graph of vector fields (you know, with the
> arrows, and sometimes even with colors for more information) but I have
> yet to find the damn reference in a Mathematica book on how to do it. How
> how how? And why would the Mathematica manual have a picture of something
> they won't show me how to do? To torture me, I assume!   :^)
> Please please please help me - it's driving me crazy.
> This should be a pretty standard graphing procedure.
> (I'm trying primarily to plot vector fields in electrodynamics.)
> -jeff

Victor Adamchik et al.: Guide to Standard Mathematica Packages, 
Version 2.2, Technical Report, Wolfram Research, 1993
Package Graphics`PlotField`,    pp.183-191.

B. Schnizer
TU Graz, Austria


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