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Re: AutoEvaluateOnOpen

On 9 Apr 1998, David R. Palmer wrote:

> Is there a AutoEvaluateOnOpen[] type of function?
> When I open a Mathematica session, it autoloads/opens several notebooks.
> Ideally some of these which do some grunt work should
> kernel\evaluate\notebook, automatically.
> Anyone know how to?

1) Within a notebook, select the brackets of the cells that are to be
evaluated immediately after the notebook is opened.

2) Click on the following menu sequence:

	Cell -> Cell Properties -> Initialization Cell

3) Click on the following menu sequence:

	Edit -> Preferences...

This summons the Option Inspector dialog window.

4) Set the scope of the option inspector from Global to Notebook.

5) Click open the expandable menu listing:

	Notebook Options
	  Evaluation Options

6) Locate the option settings under this heading:

Set the first option to be True and the second one to be False.  

7) Save the notebook.

When the notebook is opened, the cells that are marked as initialization
cells will evaluate automatically without a dialog box prompt.

> Also after looking at the shortcut keys for the kernel\evaluation I
> noticed there wasn't one for evaluate\notebook. Am I missing it?

There is no such shortcut.

P.J. Hinton	
Mathematica Programming Group Wolfram Research,
Inc. Disclaimer: Opinions expressed
herein are those of the author alone.

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