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Re: What is the fastest machine for Mathematica?

In article <6q3qkj$f19 at>, Christian Keysers
<ck6 at> wrote:

> We are currently running mathematica on a Silicon Graphics Ingigo 2
> machine with a 200Mhz processor and 256Mb Ram. The calculations involve
> fitting of gaussians to data set, and take two long at present (2h30min
> for each data set requiring 16 * 8 fits). Does anybody know what
> machines may bring the best speed for that kind of computations? The
> benchmark sites available in the net only contain data for relatively
> slow machines (Dec Alphas, Mac, Pentiums). We were thinking of getting
> an Origin 2000, but even these machines only get really fast with
> multiple processors (not supported by mathematica). So if anybody has a
> really fast machine, let me know!
You can hook up any of the Front Ends to a Cray-YMP machine if you have
access to one.

If only we knew that money is only an idea. There is no scarcity or loss
connected to it. Nothing cost anything.

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