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Re: Dimensions and Variables II

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  • Subject: [mg13720] Re: [mg13688] Dimensions and Variables II
  • From: Wouter Meeussen <eu000949 at>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 01:38:13 -0400
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you will have to choose if you want to have intermediate forms in
'operator' notation (like Out[8] and Out[9]) or not.

It would also be a good time to study the difference between immediate
assignment (" = ") and delayed assignment (" := ").
Look also at the logical flaw in your reasoning when you write
arguments to functions are in fact 'dummy variables' that stand for any
given input. Only in the context "f takes the first argument, g the second
and h the last" would this eventually make sense. You force this behaviour
by saying 'In[6]'.

In[1]:= f[x_] := u x
        g[y_] := v y
        h[z_] := w z
In[4]:= a = f + g + h
        b = f g h
Out[5]=f g h

In[6]:= a3[x_, y_, z_] = f[x] + g[y] + h[z]
        b3[x_, y_, z_] = f[x] g[y] h[z] Out[6]=u x+v y+w z
Out[7]=u v w x y z


Out[9]=(f g h)[t1]
Out[10]=t1 u+t1 v+t1 w
Out[11]=(t2^3 u v w)
In[12]:=L[x_, y_, z_] := a[x, y, z] + b[x, y, z] In[13]:=L[g1, g2, g3]
Out[13]=(f g h)[g1,g2,g3]+(f+g+h)[g1,g2,g3] In[14]:=Through /@ %
Out[14]=f[g1,g2,g3]+g[g1,g2,g3]+h[g1,g2,g3]+f[g1,g2,g3] g[g1,g2,g3]
h[g1,g2,g3] In[15]:=L3[x_, y_, z_] := a3[x, y, z] + b3[x, y, z]
In[16]:=L3[g1, g2, g3]
Out[16]=g1 u+g2 v+g3 w+g1 g2 g3 u v w

I hope I didn't mud the waters to much.


At 04:39 15-08-98 -0400, naum at wrote:
>	I am starting to work on the variable problem.  I am woried that I 
>wasn't clear enoughf in my news posting.  Here is simple version of the
>sort of  thing that I am doing.
>Is there an easier way to do al this, like could I make V:={x,y,z} a
>list and  then just say L[V_]?  does every leval need the explit
>dependence declaration?   I have tried alot of things and none of then
>seem to work.
>	Thank You for any help you can give
>		-NAUM
Dr. Wouter L. J. MEEUSSEN
w.meeussen.vdmcc at
eu000949 at

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