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Re: Help: Labels in Greek letter in Mathematica Plot

Lizhi Ma wrote in message <6rrb2r$1c1 at>...
>Can anybody tell me how to label the axes in a Mathematica plot using
>Greek letters, like "alpha", "beta", etc.?
Type the following into an input cell - \[Alphs]... will automaticaly change
into the Greek letters]
Then evaluate.

Plot[x,{x,0,1}, AxesLabel-> {\[Alpha]\[Beta], \[Gamma]\[Delta]}]

Instead of \[Alpha] ... you can use the key seqauence, escape, a,
escape; or paste in from the palette Complete Characters.

More generally, you can type in 2D Mathematical expressions and they
will appear in the graphics. But font size and color changes need a bit
more work.

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