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Re: PDF (not the format, the function).

This hasn't happened to me, but one possibility that jumps to mind is
that you have possibly defined one of the functions in question  in the
Global` context prior to loading the package... But, in that case I
would expect that you would have seen error messages warnig you of
Shadowing possibilities...

In article <6ousq5$jj4 at>, Luis Fernando Medina
<lmedina at leland.Stanford.EDU> wrote:

> After a brief honeymoon with the ContinuousDistributions package, it has
> been happening to me quite often that Mathematica refuses to calculate
> probability density functions. Even more amazingly, sometimes it can
> calculate cumulative distributions but will still remain clueless when
> asked about the PDF. In those cases, if you ask PDF[dist,x], having
> previously defined the "dist" as, say, ExponentialDistribution[1], it
> will make the substitution for "dist" but will not calculate anything,
> simply returning PDF[ExponentialDistribution[1],x]. At the beginning I
> thought it was just a problem of the computer I was working in, but it
> has happened also in other systems as well. Has this happened to
> anybody else? What's going on here?
> Please, to avoid overflow of the newsgroup, answer to my email:
> lmedina at
> Thanks!
> Luis Fernando Medina

David Reiss
dreissNOSPAM at
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