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Re: Mathematica on linux help and Mathematica returns wrong integral result

As far as your cursor problems go, you should try checking what your
Mod2 button is.  Mod1 is probably the Alt key.  Mod2 is probably NumLock
-- and it affects this.  It took me a while to realize that was the
reason that sometimes I could get the menus to pull down using the right
mouse button, but not always.  I also had some trouble with selection. 
You can change this if you like; the docs say to use xmodmap outside

As far as the wrong integral, I'll leave that to someone who has a
better idea, but I suspect that your answer is going to be "if you enter
it in [x] form, it will work" or "if you tell it to Evaluate part first,
the answer will be correct."


Phil Mendelsohn

psalzman at wrote:

> i have Mathematica for students, version 3.1 running on suse linux 6.1 with
> enlightenment (no gnome or kde).
> very often when i want to click on something, the cursor (which is normally
> a pointer) becomes a hand and won't allow me to position it where i want.
> for instance, i'm looking at the "help browser" right now, and i looked at
> "factor" because i want to find out how to factor a pi/2 in front of an
> expression.  it says "See also FactorTerms" as a blue hyperlink.  under
> windows, when i click on that, the help browser would display the help for
> FactorTerms.  here, when i go to click on it, the cursor becomes a hand and
> won't let me click on it.
> this is kind of annoying -- can someone tell me how to avoid this?  at the
> very least, i want to be able to click on hyperlink help topics that appear
> in the help browser.
> ===========================================================================
> wrong result
> i've definitely confirmed that Mathematica definitely gives a wrong result for
> an integral.  i've have an integral which contains a product of 3
> bessel function of half order.  i expressed this integral in 3 ways --
> converting no  bessel functions as sin x/x, converting 1 bessel function as
> sin[x]/x, converting 2 besselfunctions as sin x/x and converting all 3 as
> sin x/ x.  the expressions are all equal, and the result that Mathematica gives is
> *almost* correct.

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