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  • Subject: [mg23233] myN[1000!]
  • From: "Hermann Meier" <hmeier at>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 01:40:36 -0400 (EDT)
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w = {20!, Prime[10^6]/Prime[10^6+1], N[Exp[25],30], ArcSin[6.]};


myN[cvx_/;!NumberQ[cvx]] := cvx;

myN[cvx_/; (Head[cvx]===Integer || Head[cvx]===Rational),___] :=
NumberForm[cvx,DigitBlock->3,NumberSeparator->" "];

myN[cvx_/; (Head[cvx] === Real || Head[cvx]===Complex), dig_:Infinity] :=
NumberForm[cvx,{Precision[cvx], Min[dig, Accuracy[cvx]]},
           DigitBlock->3,NumberSeparator->" ",

Prepend[w,"TEXT"]//myN gives a NumberForm-output with digit blocks, number
separators and no exponents; nonnumeric input is returned unchanged.
myN[w,dig] or w//myN[#,dig]&  gives dig decimal places instead of full
accuracy. (There seems to be no way to show this "better" output in a

Perhaps myN can be improved upon.

With kind regards
Hermann Meier

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