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Re: Re: embedding Mathematica equations in MS Word part 2

in article 6TBY5.72140$b16.337763 at, Andrew Watson at
abwatson at wrote on 10/12/00 12:28 PM:

> I am very interested in getting high quality equations from Mathematica into
> word/pdf/html. As to your method, on Mathematica 4.1 on a mac, there is no
> "right button" and I do not find the "Copy As -- Metafile" option.
> Any suggestions?
> Andrew

Depending on how you want them to appear you might want to try adding a cell
tag to the cell containing the equation (different tags for input and
output) then exporting the cell contents with this code. I got this from a
notebook written by PJ Hinton and presented at the (I think) 99 developers
conference. You'll be able to download the entire notebook from the resource
subdirectory on the wolfram web site.

cellexpr = (NotebookLocate["yourTag"];
Export["filename.tif", cellexpr, ImageResolution -> 360]

The problem I find with this is that regardless of what ImageSize parameters
you enter I can't get the equations "spreading out", for want of a better
term, the I want. I find saving as PICT gives better results notwithstanding
the problem I'm having when save the word document as a *.pdf. The drawback
with PICT is that it contains vector information and if you open it in a
graphics editing program this seems to be lost. Saving as TIFF using the
above approach you can edit what you want.


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