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Re: Shading the bounded area in a system of inequalities



f[x_] := 7x + 5;

FilledPlot[f[x], {x, -2, 4}];

If you want to restrict the region such that y>3 and y < 30

soln = InequalitySolve[f[x] > 3 && f[x] < 30, x]

-(2/7) < x < 25/7

FilledPlot[{f[x]*(1 - UnitStep[x - First[soln]] + UnitStep[x - Last[soln]]), 
      f[x]}, {x, -2, 4}];

Bob Hanlon

In a message dated 2/7/2000 4:46:15 AM, skipper at writes:

>When you're given a linear equation subject to constraints how do you
>shade the bounded area, set the corner points and find the
>minimum/maximum value of the equation using Plot. I tried FilledPlot
>but couldn't get that to work( it just spit back my input, without a
>plot). Acually, I don't really need to plot, but I'd like to know how
>to get the shading to work.

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