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RE: Combining 2D graphs into a 3D graph


Try out the StackGraphics command in the Graphics`Graphics` standard

David Park
djmp at

From: Carol Ting [mailto:suomesta at]
To: mathgroup at

Hi List,

I have many curves in the 2D space, each associated with a specific
value of parameter n.  (These curves are determined with a somewhat
complicated process depending on the value of n, so I cannot just use
one bivariate function to describe this family of curves.)

Can anyone tell me how to plot these curves in a 3D plot, while adding
n as the second axis?

For example, how can I make Mathematica plot the following lines in a
3D plot?

n=1, l1 = Line[{{2, 7}, {3, 9}}]
n=2, l2 = Line[{{2, 6}, {3, 8}}]

Thank you very much!

Carol Ting

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