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webMathematica: how to take objects passed into a JSP page and manipulate them in the MSP tags

I'm having a difficult time integrating webMathematica 2 into our web

I have a JSP page inside which I create a simple vector for test
Vector test = new Vector();
test.add(new Double(10.0));

I really want to be able to send a data object to the page and then
convert all the data that came from our database lookup into an array
or something webMathematica will like.  Anyways, the next thing I want
to be able to do is get the array or vector into the MSP blocks.  So I
tried this:

<msp:set name="var1" objectValue="<%= test %>" />


The problem is that once the reference is passed in, I can't do
anything with it.  What I really want is just to be able to send an
array into the MSP section and then ListPlot it.

Any ideas?

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