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Re: Re: my mathematica no longer renders graphics, even after reinstall

At 02:44 AM 2/21/2005, kennedy at wrote:
>This message unfortunately offers no remedy to your problem, but I just
>wanted to let you know that I'm witnessing the exact same behavior. It
>started several months ago and I have no idea what caused it. Graphing
>is one of the main uses of Mathematica for me so I'd very much like to
>find a solution.
>The only change to my system I can think of that might be related to
>the rendering glitch is that I recently hooked up a second monitor. Not
>sure if this change coincided with the breaking of Mathematica though.
>I sent a message to Mathematica support but all I got back was a form
>letter. Thanks for any information you gather about this bug.

Try changing the primary display to 32bit color depth (this setting can be 
accessed by right clicking the desktop, selecting Properties..., choosing 
the Settings tab, and setting Color Quality to Highest (32-bit)).

There was a known issue in V4.2 that manifested itself in a manner similar 
to what you describe when different monitors had different color depth 
settings.  The workaround is to ensure that the primary display has the 
highest color depth of any attached monitor.

Chris Hill
User Interface Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

>Julius Su wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> >   While editing a notebook, my Mathematica abruptly stopped rendering
> > graphics, instead flashing "Rendering ..." on the window's titlebar
> > and on indefinitely.
> >
> >   How I've tried to fix it:
> >
> >   -- Restarting Mathematica doesn't help.
> >   -- Reinstalling Mathematica (same version, 4.2) doesn't help.
> >   -- Using <<RealTime3D` does allow it to properly render surface
> > graphics, but 2D graphics is still broken.  Switching back to
> > <<Default3D` reverts to the old problem.
> >   -- Copying and pasting the seemingly empty cell to an external
> > display program (Paint Shop Pro) showed the intended graphics.
> > Copying/pasting the cell to another Mathematica window did not.
> >
> >   Could anyone help me?  Has anyone run into the same problem?  My
> > computer has been running fine, I've checked it exhaustively for
> > spyware and any other external programs known to cause glitches.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Julius

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