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Re: Re: Typing special symbols in text mode?

ggroup at wrote:
> Hello Rex,
> On Saturday, April 1, 2006 at 5:39 AM, Rex Eastbourne wrote:
>>I'm writing a problem set and would like to use special mathematical
>>notation such as vector arrows, the special R for reals, subscripts and
>>superscripts, and so on (both in equations and in English regular text
>>comments). This would be easy to do in LaTeX, but can it be done in
> Absolutely.
> Using Keyboard Shortcuts:
> Vector Arrows:
> <symbol> <Ctrl-7> <Escape> vec <Escape> <Ctrl-Space>
> Double-Struck R:
> <Escape> dsR <Escape>
> Subscripts:
> <symbol> <Ctrl-_> <subscript expression> <Ctrl-Space>
> Superscripts:
> <symbol> <Ctrl-6> <superscript expression> <Ctrl-Space>
> Unfortunately, I have not yet found what (if any) keyboard shortcut
> can be used when a symbol has both a subscript and a superscript.  The
> correct formatting can be obtained through pallets (BasicTypesetting),
> but the keyboard equivalent doesn't appear for that situation.

In your notation subscript+superscript can be entered as:

<symbol> <Ctrl-_> <subscript expression> <Ctrl-5> <superscript 
expression> <Ctrl-Space>

> Alternatively, use the various pallets to help you (access them
> through File->Pallets.  For what you asked, take a look at the
> BasicTypesetting, BasicInput, and CompleteCharacters pallets.
> Often, the pallets will show you the equivalent keyboard form (if
> available) that you can use instead.

Carl Woll
Wolfram Research

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