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Re: Using N function

kkwweett wrote:

>Good morning Mathematica users,
>Can anyone tell me, please, which of a),b) or c) is wrong :
>N[expr] is equivalent to N[expr, MachinePrecision].
>In[1]:=N[Exp[Sqrt[163 ]Pi] - 640320^3]
>In[2]:=N[Exp[Sqrt[163 ]Pi] - 640320^3,$MachinePrecision]
>Thank you
None of them are wrong. Perhaps you meant to use the following in part c?

In[32]:= N[Exp[Sqrt[163] Pi] - 640320^3, MachinePrecision]
Out[32]= 256.

Note the use of MachinePrecision instead of $MachinePrecision.

Carl Woll
Wolfram Research

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