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Re: Labelled matrix plot

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg81071] Re: Labelled matrix plot
  • From: m.r at
  • Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 18:55:50 -0400 (EDT)
  • References: <fbogau$eg0$>

On Sep 6, 4:13 am, Yaroslav Bulatov <yarosla... at> wrote:
> I'd like to do a matrix plot of a 72x72 matrix with columns/rows
> labelled.
> I implemented it by making 72^2 rectangles and arranging them in a
> Grid, and after some tweaking of Spacings/ItemSize it looks just right
> on screen, but I can't figure out how to save the result in an image.
> 1. The expression is too big to fit on screen so "Right Click/Copy As"
> only copies part of it
> 2. Exporting the Grid as a PNG file cuts off the part not showing on
> the screen
> 3. Graphics[Inset[grid]] changes the color, spacing, and leaves out
> non-graphical label elements
> 4. Saving as HTML file cuts off the file before the grid
> Am I running into some built-in limitations of Grid? And if so, what
> is the recommended way of implementing
> a labelled matrix plot? (this is in Mathematica 6.0.1)

You can try using ArrayPlot with custom tick marks:

vals = Union @@ bigramCountsMatrix;
ticks = Thread@ {Range@ Length@ ordmap, ordmap[[All, 1]], 0};
cdf = Interpolation[
   MapIndexed[{#, (#2[[1]] - 1)/(Length@ vals - 1)}&, vals],
   InterpolationOrder -> 1];

gr = ArrayPlot[bigramCountsMatrix,
  FrameTicks -> {{ticks, None}, {None, ticks}},
  PlotRangePadding -> 0,
  ColorFunction -> (GrayLevel[1 - Sqrt@ cdf@ #]&),
  ColorFunctionScaling -> False]

Export["/1.png", gr, ImageSize -> {Automatic, 768}]

Also note that your graphics weren't aligning properly because of
ImagePadding and PlotRangePadding:

Grid[{{Graphics[{Red, Rectangle[]},
    ImagePadding -> 0, PlotRangePadding -> 0],
   Graphics[{Green, Rectangle[]},
    ImagePadding -> 0, PlotRangePadding -> 0]}},
 Spacings -> 0]

Maxim Rytin
m.r at

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