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Re: Does Mathematica really need more printed,

At 9:14 AM -0400 4/28/08, Richard Palmer wrote:

>I have an additional concern regarding current on-line 
>documentation.  Some of it does not have a resizable font.  That 
>makes it difficult for people like me that have glasses and use 
>portable computers with smaller screens.  I hope that can be fixed 
>in a subsequent release.

To voice the same limitation in another way:

Most if not all the online documentation opens by default in a 
single-page width window at 100% magnification, which is at best 
marginally readable on a laptop screen; and with many of the 
subsections closed by default.

Increasing the document magnification, opening all the closed 
subsections, and enlarging the window if you wish to do that, 
involves a substantial amount of delicate mousing around, all of 
which has to be re-done for each new window.

Being able to change the defaults for this would be very handy.

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