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Re: Re: Re: Re: Happy Birthday Mathematica!

Fair enough!

Andrzej Kozlowski wrote:
> I certianly have no objection to the existence of a printed version of  
> "The Mathematica Book", even if it is 11000 pages long. What is  
> important to me (since I definitely have no use for such a  
> monstrosity) is that I should not be required to subsidize other  
> people's preferences in this respect. I may of course be wrong, but  
> judging by the posts in the MathGroup, I doubt many people would wish  
> to pay for such a book (it certainly won't be free) if they had a  
> choice. In view of that,  I don't think it would be a very wise of WRI  
> to print a large number of copies and hope that enough buyers will  
> be found later. The only sensible approach would be to allow those who  
> want a printed copy to custom order it, and pay for the full cost of  
> printing, binding and sending themselves. Given that an electronic  
> version already exists I can see no great problems in making suitable  
> arrangements right away; in fact WRI could even sell license the right  
> to print "The Mathematica Book" on demand basis to Kinko's. This seems  
> to me an ideal solution to which I can't see how anyone could object.

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