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ListPlot w/ Dynamic[] choice of external data files

I have a simple ListPlot[] with 2 data sets from external sources:

   Flatten[Import["C:\...\series1.txt, Pcumulative.txt", "Table"]],
   Flatten[Import["C:\...\series2.txt, Pcumulative.txt", "Table"]]

series1 represents a time-series
series2 represents a baseline

I want to make the data series dynamic, by linking each of the 2 to the ListPlot[] via 2 MenuView[] controls (or some other controls) which would enable me to select a different "series*.txt" file to plot.

Eventually I'll put all of this in a simple Panel interface.  So I want a single ListPlot[] with a means to alter the data sets it displays via a selection control.

I know I need to use Dynamic[], but I can't quite figure out how to tie the ListPlot[] to the Dynamic[] to the MenuView[].

Any suggestions, much appreciated.

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