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Re: Which editor do you use for math articles

On Jan 17, 3:37 am, hayes.ty... at wrote:
> Mathematica or Word, IMHO should not ever be used for publication in a
> peer-reviewed journal. The process should rather be, in my mind,
> [1] Output graphics to EPS from Mathematica.
> [2] Output from Mathematica any relevant expressions to a LaTeX format (a=
> code, if needed).
> [3] Use LaTeX for typesetting the document.
> I've never seen any journal that I've submitted, published in
> (Geophysical Research Letter, Journal of Geophysical Research,
> Geophysics Journal International, Computers and Geosciences), that
> accepts Mathematica notebooks. Most do have a LaTeX style and BibTeX styl=
e for
> proper formatting.

There are several  tiers in the scientific publication world:

o Traditional publishers of peer-reviewed archival journals
(Wiley, Elsevier, Springer, etc).  They now usually require LaTeX
using their style macros.  Nonconforming submissions are
rejected.  Figures must be in EPS on final submission but
that may change. For C-R edited books, PDF is accepted for
chapters, sometimes with backup LaTeX+EPS.

o Low-cost, junk publishers of "friendly-review" journals, now
proliferating in some regions, usually require Word with
embedded figures. They lack in-house knowledge
to process LaTeX. Those "vanity journals" are not
generally included in citation indices, and do not count
toward the h-index important in academic circles.

o Electronic journals vary greatly in quality, from
serious to junk. Generally they take PDF. In rapidly
evolving areas, such as nanotech and CS, they are
considered respectable and count toward the h-index.

Summary: at all publishing levels, serious through junk,
export mechanisms from Mathematica are essential.

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