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Re: Opportunities and Player Pro

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  • Subject: [mg104473] Re: Opportunities and Player Pro
  • From: telefunkenvf14 <rgorka at>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 04:02:02 -0500 (EST)
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On Oct 31, 1:52 am, Daniel Lichtblau <d... at> wrote:
> telefunkenvf14 wrote:
> > On Oct 29, 2:59 am, "E. Martin-Serrano"
> > <eMartinSerr... at> wrote:
> >> I wish to join the opinion already expressed here on that WRI should provide
> >> the means to make available to people, in general, any products developed
> >> with Mathematica,  allowing to manipulate all or most of the dynamic
> >> graphics and other stuff in them. The lack of this free tool which would
> >> make possible wide distribution of these materials severely restricts the
> >> opportunities to use Mathematica for many purposes.
> >> It is true that Mathematica Player Pro is already available, and that it is
> >> the professional platform for running interactive Mathematica applications
> >> and documents and for interacting with reports and documents. It is also
> >> true that, Player Pro is an application delivery system and that it can
> >> be used to deliver tools, and so on. But, in the end, all this is
> >> restricted to a closed and, to certain extent, comparatively tiny community
> >> of already Player Pro users.
> >> But think about, say,  a book on some scientific and technical matter, meant
> >> to be distributed in many countries, written in Spanish, English, Russian,
> >> French, German, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and others. Let us
> >> suppose that it is an outstanding book targeted to a wide spectrum of
> >> persons and institutions: including academics, professionals, and students;
> >> plus people in general too.  And, let suppose that the authors are
> >> considering including in the book, as an addendum, the sort of dynamic
> >> graphics and some other computational material that Mathematica could
> >> provide.
> >> Taking apart the fact that some potential purchasers of the book would
> >> actually be current Mathematica users; does anyone really think that it
> >> makes any sense including Mathematica as an important tool for the project
> >> and tied it to a preexistent and closed community of already Player Pro
> >> users?
> >> I would really like to be in a situation of defending the Mathematica way
> >> since I believe it would be nearly the best one, both for readers (including
> >> students) and lecturers; but I cannot. It seems that for projects like this
> >> there is a long way to go yet.
> >> E. Martin-Serrano
> >> [...]
> Jon McLoone responded to this. I'll just briefly reiterate: it is quite
> likely that waht you want can be achieved via the free Mathematica Player.
> > I just wish WRI would provide me with the PlayerPro licenses promised
> > when I signed up for Premier service...
> > (Their response: Oh, well that's not included with *Student* premier
> > service. My reply: You don't make any such distiction prior to
> > purchasing premier service.)
> > Student buyers beware, I guess.
> > -RG
> Player Pro is (at this time) targeted for business applications. A
> student savvy enough to  develop and market a business app surely should
> realize that Player Pro will not be provided at the low cost of a
> student license.
> I realize there is debate as to what Player Pro should be, to what
> markets/audience it should be aimed, whether it should be free or sold
> at much lower cost than is now the case, what should be its availability
> to non-professional-premier-service customers, etc. I merely comment on
> the situation as it exists, not as it might be in a different scenario.
> Daniel Lichtblau
> Wolfram Research

(1) I complement your passive aggressiveness. (And I'm NOT being

(2) WRI simply needs to make a CLEAR distinction as to what *student
premier* service includes and doesn't include. Additional examples
abound. For example, if I go to purchase an add-on package, I'm lead
to believe that, as a 'premier' subscriber, I'm entitled to an
additional 10% off. Nope. Same with the courses offered by WRI. That's
confusing--and part of maximizing profit should be minimizing customer

(3) The reason player pro was appealing? I hoped to introduce my
advising prof to Mathematica, enabling him to have an active notebook,
play with parameter values, and/or data. I figured it would help
communication between us.

(4) I also was interested in player pro because I envision academic
situations where embedding (encrypted) data into a notebook and giving
it to people could be massively helpful. (for example, allowing
participants to play with adding or removing variables from a
regression, before and after a seminar)

(5) Consulting might be a future possibility, so why not encourage
students to learn about available tools?


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