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Re: Problem with SetDelayed lhs:=rhs

Am 29.09.2012 09:09, schrieb zahava.ginny at
> An assignment using SetDelayed, lhs := rhs, maintains rhs in completely unevaluated form.
> Thus, if k=5, say, the assignment
> In[1] = f[k,j_]:=rhs[k,j]
> yields
> In[2] = ?f
> Global`f
> f[5,j_]:=rhs[k,j]
> How can I force the k on the right hand side to be evaluated so that ?f will yield
> f[5,j_]:=rhs[5,j] ?
> Of course, I could define f[5,j_] manually, but I want to automate the procedure over a range of values of k.

Look at what With can do for you:




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