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Re: movie question

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  • Subject: [mg29483] Re: [mg29471] movie question
  • From: Anesh Sooklal <anesh at>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 02:20:11 -0400 (EDT)
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Dear Michael

The following code suppresses the output graphics and exports them to a GIF
graphic which can be viewed elsewhere (I used Netscape 4.75).

test = Table[
      Plot[Sin[t x], {x, -4\[Pi], 4\[Pi]}, DisplayFunction -> Identity], {t, 1,

Export["test.GIF", test, "GIF", ConversionOptions -> {"Loop" -> True}]

The DisplayFunction->Identity suppresses the graphics output.
The Export function converts all these frames into an animation in GIF format.
The Loop option causes the frames to loop forever.

I was unable to import the GIF  output as an animation in Mathematica but it
looks fine in Netscape.

NOTE: Since files are being created becareful about which directory you  are
working in.
            $TopDirectory will show you this and
            SetDirectory["c\\users\\anesh"] is a function that will help you to
change default

Thank you,
Research Assistant
University of Durban-Westville
Dept. of Physics
South Africa

Michael Probst wrote:

> Hi, Experts !
> When I animate a function (for example, Sin[t x] with t being 'time') using
> Animate or ShowAnimation, I get a series of plots. Then I have to click on
> the cell bracket in order to hide all but the first plot *. When I want to
> play
> the movie, I can select this group of cells and use CTL-Y to play the movie.
> I have a small educational project where the student changes the function
> and
> creates a movie from it.
> Is there a way to avoid having to do step * ?
> It would be somewhat nicer if the single frames were hidden from the user
> and the movie would start right away !
> Thanks !
> Michael

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