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Re: MathPlayer???

I'll find out when I get 6.0 :-)
Presumably everything but the new dynamic stuff. Or not.

Hopefully the new pdf capabilities will make exporting more foolproof. I 
suppose I could just send them here 
for the fonts, no? (Are these the same as the 6.0 fonts?) I'm more careful 
about embedding fonts now anyway. I'm being nitpicky, I know. It would 
just be nice if Mathplayer was a bit more conveniently sized, or at least 
compressed more aggressively. I know the Java distribution it contains 
must be kept "As Is" but I wonder if anything else could be done?


Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> Will MathReader work OK with 6.0 notebooks??
> Does pdf export from Mathematica 6.0 embed the Mathematica fonts in the 
> file?  If so, why should there be a problem?  (Times?)  If not, the 
> receiver of your file could, I presume, resort to the following ruse: 
> download and install Mathematica Player.  Copy the installed TrueType 
> Mathematica fonts to somewhere else.  Uninstall Mathematica Player. 
> Copy back the Mathematica fonts.  Silly, yes; works, I think so!
> Urijah Kaplan wrote:
>> Well, I've been burned sending pdfs that look fine on my computer but look 
>> terrible on another (font issues and whatnot). Page breaks aren't that 
>> great either. Mathreader also allows you to resize the text to some degree 
>> (not just zoom in.) Sometimes things don't line up exactly as I expect 
>> them to either. Are any of these deal-breakers? No.
>> A little digging revealed to me that you can still download Mathreader
>> hopefully Wolfram will allow that to stay up there for anyone who still 
>> needs/wants it.
>>            --Urijah
>> Murray Eisenberg wrote:
>>> So just export the notebook to pdf and send that!  Except for not being 
>>> able to open/close cell groups when reading the file in Acrobat (or 
>>> other pdf reader), that should be just as good as Mathreader, no?
>>> Urijah Kaplan wrote:
>>>> Of course, I understand that. But the fact remains that it is also 
>>>> supposed to replace Mathreader as a static notebook reader, in which case 
>>>> it seems a bit overkill. It's now more unlikely for me to send someone a 
>>>> .nb file and tell them to download MathReader, particularly if I don't 
>>>> know if they have dial-up or not. At the very least more care should be 
>>>> expended to make the download smaller--just using 7-Zip (LZMA) compression 
>>>> would reduce the download by 40%! Perhaps there can be a "minimal" and 
>>>> "max" download where the min primarily reads .nb files and max reads .nbp 
>>>> files, and the "min" can dynamically download whatever files it needs to 
>>>> playback that particular .nbp program.
>>>> I realize I'm being an ungrateful wretch, since Mathplayer is far, far, 
>>>> more powerful than MathReader was; still...
>>>>           --Urijah
>>>> Murray Eisenberg wrote:
>>>>> But you're not getting just a front end to read static notebooks. 
>>>>> You're getting a run-time system, too, for .nbp files.
>>>>> Urijah Kaplan wrote:
>>>>>>> It doesn't give me a warm feeling though that the Player installer evidently
>>>>>>> doesn't install an uninstaller nor does it give Windows enough information
>>>>>>> to register it in Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.
>>>>>>> If my life and/or career depended on my ability to run Mathematica, I'd give
>>>>>>> it a day or two before installing Player on my 'A' machine.
>>>>>>> Fred Klingener
>>>>>> Also, for something that's supposed to replace MathReader from what I 
>>>>>> understand, the download is rather hefty. (79.9 MB) I managed to 
>>>>>> recompress it to 47.9 MB with 7-Zip, which would be a good start.

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