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Sample Workbooks - Suggested sources to get a newbie going?

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I'm a brand new Mathematica user.  I'm trying to get up to speed in Mathematica to set up workbooks for engineering problems.  I've been using pad and paper to calculate beam stresses and deflections and to solve a variety of other engineering calcs for many years.  Time to update my methods.

Anyhow, I'm impressed with Mathematica's documentation.  That said, I wish I could locate some fully worked out sample problems/workbooks.  Mathematica has a huge library of awesome demostration projects, but it appears that the meat and potoes code of these demonstrations is not provided.  It seems as if the only code available to view is in the "Maniupulate" section of the demonstration workbooks.  I haven't downloaded a demonstration workbook yet that shows any code in the "Initialization" section.  The code that I can see tends to be specific to the cool user front-end.  Right now, I'm trying to pick up best practices for more mundane coding process.  I suspect the code that I really want to be looking at right now is usually located in the Initialization area of the demos, which seem to be mostly blank.  Am I looking in the wrong place?  Is all the the code in every demo available to be seen or is much of the underlying "meat and potaties" work of the demo files typicall
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 d/hidden by the authors or Wolfram?

I'd like to better understand how power users document their work, choose symbol names, format their workbooks, and choose amongst the various ways of getting things done.  Looking at power users' VBA code for excel proved extremely helpful when I was trying to pick up some wherewithall in that area.  I suspect that my ability to use Mathematica effectively will be greatly enhanced by following a similar process reviewing Mathematica code.  (I have ordered some texts, but still waiting on delivery.)

In the meantime, if anybody could point me towards a source of sample workbooks with all code available for view - I would much appreciate the help.  Workbooks related to mechanical engineering problems would be awesome - but any mathematical problem solved with Mathematica would prove helpful to meat this point. 


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